BONLAB Walking Stick

【Product Specifications】
● Shaft material: magnesium alloy
Top shaft bore size 18 mm, lower shaft bore size 15 mm
● In use Length: L size 81cm ~ 89cm ● Weight: 310g
: M size 74 cm - 82 cm Weight ●: 300 g
● When folded Length: 30 cm
● Grip Over Grip: Polycarbonate
● Tip Rubber: BONLAB Exclusive Diameter 13 mm
● Shaft color variation (4color)
· Piano Black  · Gureju · Copper  · Sky Blue  
●BONLAB original pouch 
● BONLAB original strap
● BONLAB original cloth 
/ each one



It is a walking stick aiming at the realization of a society where anyone can wipe with a stick without hesitation, wiping out negative images such as "old-age like" "legs disabled" against the previous sticks.

1. A new idea of "holding" a hand from "holding" by hand!
In order to use the stick well, let's pull lightly straight from above without excessively griping the grip. By lightly pushing from above, it will be less tired even when used for a long time, and you can reduce slippage due to diagonal thrust. BONLAB pursued a grip design that allows you to go ahead lightly without putting too much power.

2. Coordination spreading with "color development" that has never existed

Polycarbonate shell (over grip) is attached to the grip. You can enjoy coordination by replacing it with your favorite color according to TPO. (Body: 4 colors, Grip: 5 colors)

★ Grip structure that makes it easy to put "a little" in a cash register, table, etc.

3. A grip with a "sense of stability" to be in contact with the top board with two legs

A shell structure grip like a saddle on a bicycle can stand upstandingly by touching the top board such as a table or cash register with 2 points.

★ Original rugged rubber with a rubber feeling of rhythm ★ Magnesium shaft makes it easy to gently push

4. "give rhythmic feeling to walking" wand tip rubber design

Studying the movement during walking and sticking to 1 mm irregularities designed shape firmly grasps the ground even at an inclined angle giving the rhythm to walking.

5. "Beautiful and comfortable to the feet" magnesium shaft

Shaft material adopts light magnesium with higher vibration absorption rate than aluminum. By attaching a toe joint between the shaft and the toe tip rubber, a sense of unity was born at the feet and realized a beautiful form.




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