How to use a cane


This time I will introduce about the correct usage of the cane. Although it is a cane that can be said to be a lifeline for those with foot problems, if the usage is wrong, the cane used for safety will be very dangerous. This time, I would like to explain the points on safe usage.

Which one has a cane?

I have a cane on the health side

※. It is to walk without changing the usual natural way of walking and to improve the balance. In a natural way of walking, when the right leg is put out, the left hand goes forward and the right hand goes forward when the left foot is released. When you go in this order, the cane and the healthy foot do not come out at the same time. You can keep balance by doing this. ※ The half of the body · The side of healthy side of the person who is suffering from paralysis, disability, injury on one side of limbs is called health side, the opposite is called affected side.

(1) How to hold a cane

① T-shaped cane
Grasp the vertical bar as you straddle with the index finger and the middle finger. Or grasp so that the index finger will follow the vertical bar. If you grasp only one side of the T-shaped part, your weight does not get on the cane nicely and it tends to fall over.

② 4 canes
There are also for both hands, but most are divided for the right hand and the left hand. Attention is required for handles.

③ crutches
Put the part of the handle of the cane on both sides and grip the grip at the center firmly. Use aside not to put weight on it. If you put your weight on you, you will put pressure on the nerves in your armpit and your blood circulation will get worse. Use something of a size that will allow a little clearance between armpits and crutches.

④ Elbow support type cane
Grasp the grip in front of the cane firmly, securely place the forearm on the crossbar and fix with the magic band. It is important that the forearms are riding on the center of the bars firmly. Because it is fastened with Velcro, it will not come off the crossbar, but weight does not work well on the tip of the cane and there is a fear of slipping.


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