The 1st Salon was held


The 1st Salon was held

We held a workshop and a new product at the Kim Cafe Wool on August 20th. On this day's workshop, I went shopping to a nearby supermarket while using a stick and bought a topping material to add to the cooking of cooking researcher Yuzon Nishino, finished the dish. The space of the cafe was gorgeously decorated with beautiful and delicious dishes of four colors, tailored to the colorful four-color Bon Lab walking stick. People who participated were women in their 70s who are using surgery on their knees and women in their 70s and women in their 60s who are interested in walking stance, "I do not use now but may be indebted" There are women and so on. I got a lot of opinions from all sorts of perspectives such as real experiences and impressions of the images and troubles concerning about the participants, living with the walking sticks, etc. We will encourage you to use valuable comments received for your brand growth. Thank you for your cooperation!


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