The walking stick for your tomorrow.

Slick and beautiful, all based on function
– to hold in your hand and to lead your steps. Japan quality product for enjoying life.


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Product Philosophy

Slick and beautiful, all based on function
– to hold in your hand and to lead your steps. Japan quality product for enjoying life.

With thorough user interviews at the starting point of product development, we persisted on making a one-of-a-kind walking stick, with a completely new comfort in use.
Our goal was to create a walking stick for the young and old, women and men, with high quality design that can be the joy and pride of the user, introducing a new value to the industry.



The start of our project:
"Walking sticks aren't cool!"

Like all good products BONLAB has a background story. The founder of Heisei Denshi, the company behind our brand, fell sick a few years ago. Intensive rehabilitation brought him back on his feet, but his condition turned bad again after a fall he experienced while going out without the walking stick his family prepared for him – because "it wasn't cool." His regret "if only there was a stick that I'd be happy to carry" was the start of this in-house venture project.


Naoko Hirota

The product is designed by Naoko Hirota, a renowned designer and a long-time member of the Good Design Award jury. Prioritizing emotional satisfaction, over fifty prototypes were made in the development process, based on user feedback. Our attempt to renew the image of the walking stick through design combining high function and high fashion continues. From young to old, and also as gifts to friends or family, we hope it will open the doors to the enjoyment of walking for everyone.

Naoko Hirota

divides her time between projects at Hirota Design Studio, which she runs, and her teaching jobs at Joshibi University of Art and Design, and Tama Art University. With a keen eye for business design she oversees products as creative director; from branding through product development to finishing the product design. Naoko is a graduate of the Tokyo University of the Arts, and has won numerous awards including the Red Dot Design Award (2014, 2016), the iF Design Award (2016), and the Good Design Award (2015, 2016).


Design concept

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To be loved like glasses

A while ago people were not happy to wear eyeglasses. Today eyewear is a fashion item to express yourself, or even to collect and adore. We hope the future of walking sticks will be like this, not reluctantly carried but enjoyed and prided as something emotionally close to its user.

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Like a bicycle

All you need to run on a bicycle is your own leg power, and it brings you freedom to run fast and long, far beyond your ability without one – it takes you on a small journey to free your mind. The BONLAB walking stick wants to bring you such freedom and control over your life.

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Handmade in Japan

We are proud to be a small company who can manufacture products with careful and creative handmade details, which would have been difficult otherwise. Our careful production brings high quality products to last and be loved.



Colors express your identity. Elegant or dynamic, it's your choice.

The beautiful sophisticated tones, linked to fashion trends, are fine-tuned to produce a refined airiness. The grip cover shells are dyed with care in our own factory and comes in five colors for you to choose from. The colors of the different parts of the stick are fine-tuned to make best combinations.


Functional features

No clench anymore, just lay your hand on it.

The grip of a BONLAB walking stick has a unique shell form and structure that receives the palm of your hand on a large area, stabilizing the grip with only a small strength. It's a new idea that allows you to take a firm hold of the ground with only a light push, effortless even for people with small grasping strength.


The light grip reduces stress on the hand, arm and shoulder, giving the user a "heavenly feel." The thin grip and grip cover shell fits the natural curves and movement of your hands, made of light and durable polycarbonate material for safe and comfortable use.


Other brands: Common walking stick grip forms forces the user to grip upward from beneath the grip, a position easily shifted to a painful clench.

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Rests on the table edge on two points

The grip and shell cover are both shaped like a bicycle saddle, allowing them to stabilize themselves on two points when placed on the edge of a table or counter. A useful feature that lets it rest on the edge of a café table or shop counter.

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Dress it in the cover shell you want.

The grip has colorful covering shells, which you can buy separately in different colors and change. A maximum choice of 20 different combinations is possible. Looking for a favorite coordination is another way to enjoy BONLAB walking sticks. (4 shaft colors, 5 grip cover colors)

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Folds and stays folded in your bag

The folding function employs a Pull-Stop Unit with an inner wire, which keeps the stick from slipping back into its unfolded position. Safe and easy to handle with a light strength, with little danger of getting your finger caught.
*Pull-Stop Unit from TechnoCare Co.,Ltd

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Irregular length adjustment for better fit user heights

Based on our analysis of height distribution of the Japanese population, the shaft length adjustment adopts our original irregular pitch. Delicate adjustment is possible for users in the average height zone, allowing a better fit for more users. We also adopted a single visible adjustment hole, making the manipulation simpler and smoother. With anti-turn guide.

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Tip/shoe function

The tip material is a rubber with adequate firmness and viscosity, and its form designed from the study of walking movements. Together they secure a stable hold of the ground at different angles, producing a pleasant walking rhythm.


Salon distribution

To owners of cafés and sundries shops
We are looking for collaborators in sales.

In the early stage of development we took in users’ point of views via questionnaires and home visit interviews to walking stick users with walking difficulty. One finding was that other than functional needs they had many feelings and desires, such as “leg pains keep me from going out and socializing,” “being seen with a stick is embarrassing,” or “leg pains make it difficult for me to go to a shop.” BONLAB wants to introduce users to good walking sticks and communicate the enjoyment of life and correct information on choice and usage. Our salon is one way we will support our users, from before to after they purchase and use our product.


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